The climate and the sea in Turkey heal a person

02 Aug 2022

The sea, the sun, the beach - what could be better than a summer vacation and positive emotions that are memorable for the whole year? All this can be fully provided by the Republic of Turkey, where the resort service is presented at the highest level, and the favorable climate, beautiful nature and clean ecology guarantee a wonderful holiday by the sea.

In addition to tourism, many citizens from abroad go to Turkey to improve their well-being, strengthen immunity, gain strength and energy. The country is also interesting from the point of view of permanent residence, which allows investors to improve the quality of life by an order of magnitude.We will tell you more about how the sea in Turkey and the climate are useful in our article.

The beneficial effects of the maritime climate and the sea in Turkey on health.

The benefits of maritime climate in Turkey are invaluable. Arriving here, every vacationer is immersed in a healing natural atmosphere - clean air filled with phytoncides and salts, hot sand, salt water, pebbles, proper nutrition, consisting mainly of organic vegetables and fruits, olive oil, seafood and much more.

The combination of these factors has a beneficial effect on the body, namely:

A tangible healing result can be achieved even if you spend 2-3 weeks at sea. Read more about this below.

Strengthening the immune system and preventing colds

The benefits of salt water are especially relevant for those who have metabolic disorders. It contains not only salts and gases, but also a variety of trace elements, including magnesium, chlorine, calcium, barium, iodine, chromium and others. As a result of exposure to water, metabolism is normalized, which affects the quality of functioning of all organ systems.

Strengthening the nervous system

Another benefit of the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey is to restore the state of the nervous system. Being on the coast, listening to the sound of the surf, admiring sunrises and sunsets, beautiful nature, we are charged with positive emotions, calm down, replenish our positive associative array. Along with this, any stress, overwork, nervousness, anxiety and tension go away. Today, unfortunately, such conditions are not uncommon for a modern person and are a side effect of urbanization, the acceleration of the pace of life, a permanent state of the struggle for survival. Therefore, even short periods of rest by the sea are recommended to everyone without exception.

Getting Vitamin D

The favorable climate of Turkey is also beneficial for health in terms of providing the body with the necessary nutrients. So, 360 sunny days a year in Turkish resorts serve as a kind of catalyst for starting the active process of vitamin D formation. As you know, a sufficient amount of ultraviolet rays is a prerequisite for this.

Vitamin D takes part in many metabolic processes and its deficiency can lead to serious functional failures, reduced immunity, disruption of the nervous, musculoskeletal systems.

Benefits for the lungs

Everyone knows about the benefits of salt air for the lungs. Therefore, it is so important not to neglect the rest by the sea, but to come and breathe oxygen filled with natural phytoncides and salts. Pine groves grow on the Mediterranean coast in the Republic of Turkey, which create a useful concentration of phytoncides in the air and a stunning aroma.

Skin cleansing

Trace elements and salt in sea water cleanse and tone the skin. Therefore, Turkish resorts attract many foreign tourists suffering from dermatitis, eczema, acne and other dermatological problems.

Water and the overall climate in Turkey has a tangible rejuvenating effect, saturating with useful minerals and increasing skin elasticity. This is facilitated by the presence of pebbles on the coast. Smooth pebbles massage biologically active points on the feet and other parts of the body, thereby improving the overall physical condition.

Healing property

Have you noticed how quickly any wounds and scratches heal at seaside resorts? The high salt content in water disinfects and triggers tissue regeneration processes, speeding up recovery.

Useful properties of sea water

Useful properties of the Mediterranean Sea is difficult to overestimate. The unique chemical composition and pH, similar in characteristics to the blood and intercellular fluid of the human body, affect the improvement of the functioning of all internal systems. Bathing in cool water and taking hot sunbaths create the necessary contrast for vascular gymnastics, increasing their elasticity and tone.

We will select the best option for real estate by the sea

Holidays at sea in Turkey is a great opportunity to spend time filled with positive emotions and with health benefits. As practice shows, it is much more comfortable to come to the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea at any convenient time in your own apartment, which we will be happy to select for you.

Leave a request for a call back and in the near future the specialists of our licensed real estate agency will contact you to get acquainted and clarify the information. We work for you 24/7!

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