After-sales service

After-sales service

is an obligatory part of working with clients from the Markalanya real estate agency

There is an opinion that the acquisition of real estate ends exactly when the transaction is closed, and TAPU (certificate of ownership) was transferred to the Cadastral Office of Turkey. But this is an erroneous opinion of many owners - the difficulties and questions do not end there. This is just the beginning of a new stage! There are many more questions to be solved in the future:

  • opening a bank account;
  • insurance;
  • appeal to state and non-state institutions;
  • Internet connection and signing of an agreement for the provision of water supply and electricity;
  • looking after an apartment or house in your absence;

You have to decide a lot and often

As many years of work in the field of buying and selling real estate shows, keys and acquired documents do not mean at all that all issues have been resolved, and paperwork is over. Of course, the property is already completely yours. But for a full move to a new country, you will need to overcome a few more interesting “quests” and tasks that we will help you solve.

Turkey is a beautiful country. Enjoy its beauty, your personal property and perhaps your dream come true for years to come, and our completely free after-sales service will help you for several years after purchase. This service was created just for your comfort. After all, when you move to a new country, everything around becomes incomprehensible and alien: language, mentality, traditions, customs, city and laws. We understand you! Therefore, we help each client to solve primary tasks in order to facilitate adaptation.

For us, the main thing is to protect you from unnecessary overpayments and waste of time. Moving should bring pleasure and pleasant sensations, and entrust the difficulties to us!

All our clients can count on a FREE list of after-sales real estate services.

After-sales service from MarkAlanya

Without all these 12 points it is difficult to imagine your life. Only some issues in Turkey are solved in a way that is completely unusual for you, and if you add ignorance of the language and laws.

Opening a bank account in Turkey

It has long been recognized that an electronic account makes life much easier for every modern person. Sitting at home, you can easily purchase and order the necessary goods by paying for the purchase via the Internet.

A bank account helps to quickly pay utility bills through ATMs, terminals and a mobile application. Today, without a bank account, it is impossible to solve even some everyday issues, and in the meantime, its registration in Turkey requires knowledge of the language and certain knowledge.

Drawing up an insurance contract

When moving to another country, it is mandatory to draw up an insurance contract. You can insure movable and immovable property, health. This will help protect yourself from many negative consequences if an insured event occurs.

Even ordinary tourist entry is impossible without insurance, and if you plan to live in Turkey for many years, this issue must be resolved immediately.

Assistance in matters related to obtaining a residence permit and Turkish citizenship

Citizenship or residence permit in many countries is a determining factor. Without them, it is sometimes impossible to make an appointment with a doctor or other institutions. That is why we will help you in solving these or other similar issues for as long as you need it.

Assistance in concluding subscription agreements

Any coziness and comfort at home begins with the conclusion of an agreement with suppliers of electricity and water supply. For foreigners, this stage in Turkey acquires new sensations and even confusion.

We help clients draw up contracts so that your homes are warm and bright at any time of the year.

Internet connection

In the 21st century, it is difficult to imagine housing without the Internet, but in Turkey this issue has its own pitfalls. To connect to the Internet at your place of residence in Turkey, you must be a citizen of this country or have a residence permit.

It is prohibited by law to enter into an agreement with an Internet provider without observing these conditions.

Buying and registering a mobile phone in Turkey

Citizens of other countries are only allowed to use their mobile device during the first three months of their stay. After this period, cellular communication is blocked. To avoid unexpected blocking, foreigners are required to buy a phone in a Turkish store or register their own with the country's tax office. Few people know about it.

Call for maintenance or additional services

Our company also helps to call maintenance in case of accidents or breakdowns. We will find and provide qualified professionals in their field. In addition, with us you can be calm about your property during the period of departure: we will look after your home.

Help set up your new home

The arrangement of the purchased housing is an important stage in your new life - you need to buy a lot and, preferably, of high quality. With us you will receive information about all stores and suppliers of furniture and sanitary equipment. Finding out about additional promotions and a favorable season of discounts will help you save money, as well as purchase more interesting interior details. Local residents already know about the best deals, and with our company this knowledge will be available to you. It's nice sometimes to buy a good chair with a discount of 20%.

Creating design and cozy atmosphere

Surely, you already imagine what your new home will look like: what sofa will be in the living room and what paintings will decorate the hallway.

After listening to all your ideas, we will help you make the right choice, think over and implement all the interior nuances to create a cozy and practical home.

We will help you rent out your property

If you decide to rent out your apartment or house to others, we will help you with that as well. Compliance with the terms of the contract, control over the timely payment of aidat and utility bills.

With us you will forget about worries about the state of housing and the organization of moving and departure of tenants.

Search and organization of competent workers for repairs

The furniture was chosen, the design was thought out, it remains to find good employees who can bring your ideas to life. Meeting deadlines, quality work and matching schedules - everything must be perfect. We will select and organize the best repair specialists with a wide range of services. With us you will receive repairs on the most favorable terms.

Organization of professional cleaning even in your absence

Finding the best cleaning company and supervising the performance of their work - we will help even with this. While you are doing your business, traveling or working, our agency "Markalanya" will organize the perfect cleaning in your house or apartment.

You can safely invite guests or tenants to your clean and comfortable home.

We have often witnessed the difficulties that foreigners face in Turkey after buying a property. Getting into a new world with different rules, laws and regulations, everyone can get confused. A foreigner, like a small child, has to learn everything anew - from paying utility bills to buying a new table for the dining room.

Understanding this inspired us to create an after-sales service. All our clients receive a wide range of services. Now, in solving everyday issues, they easily bypass such difficulties as not knowing the local language, bureaucratic nuances and professional subtleties in choosing employees.

Any visitor is confronted with ignorance of the local way of life and a sea of difficulties in arranging. Especially if you have come for a long-term period and plan to spend here for a dozen years. We strive to ensure that customers are comfortable even after the conclusion of the "purchase and sale" agreement.

Cooperation with our company gives you more than just buying real estate. A complete solution package for a comfortable stay in Turkey. Neither the language barrier, nor the knowledge of local laws and traditions, nothing prevents you from fulfilling your dream and buying a home in this beautiful country.

Each of our employees tries to facilitate the relocation and adaptation of their clients. That is why the best praise for us is your recommendation to friends, acquaintances and relatives. It is safe to say that all the activities of the company "Markalanya" work for your cozy and comfortable accommodation in Turkey.

Right now you can contact our employee for a free consultation. Hurry up to get your after-sales service today.

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