The procedure for buying and registration of real estate

Türkiye attracts numerous investors and tourists every year. The Mediterranean Sea creates favorable conditions for both living and building your own business, and buying an apartment or house in such a zone is the best investment. The province of Antalya develops and equips its territories every year. At the same time, the procedure for buying and registering real estate is quite simple, However it requires knowledge of some nuances and features.

Our construction investment company Markalanya assists foreign citizens to fulfill their dreams of purchasing a house in the best areas of resort cities such as Antalya and Alanya. Dynamic development, clean beaches on the Mediterranean coast, magnificent nature, sunny days, modern infrastructure of both the cities themselves and new residential complexes will surprise each one of you.

If you decide to implement your plans and buy property in Alanya, you should definitely know that the whole procedure is conditionally divided into 3 mandatory stages. Each stage has its own purpose and features. To make it easier for you, we accompany and help clients throughout the entire period. 

Property selection

At the first stage, you choose the apartment or house you desire to buy. Sometimes this stage can be called the most difficult and most enjoyable. There are many options and all of them are worthy of attention.

We recommend searching until you get the feeling of “This is it! This is where I want to live!”.

The future property should correspond to your rhythm of life and habits. For example, if you love the sea, choose accommodation near it. For lovers of a calmly measured life, options in quiet areas are suitable. A stormy and active life requires housing right in the city center or in an area with a wide variety of entertainment venues.

So that you have the opportunity for a calm and thorough search, our company Markalanya provides clients with a special study tour. This trip is ideal for international residents looking to buy their dream home in Turkey. A study tour is considered the most effective option for selecting options. You will see each option with your own eyes, evaluate the area and the surrounding atmosphere, infrastructure and location of necessary facilities. Answers to your questions, and you will be able to actually imagine your future life in Türkiye.

This tour lasts 3-4 days. It includes transfer from/to the airport, hotel accommodation with the concept of "all-inclusive". You choose the dates yourself and notify us of your arrival in advance so that we can meet you.
You can find out more about this trip on our website or by phone numbers: +7 (499) 350 01 10, +90 537 440 15 75.
The main goal of our company is an individual approach to all clients and assistance in choosing housing that meets the requirements and wishes.

Signing a sales contract

Having chosen the ideal option, you can safely proceed to the second stage of the procedure for buying and registering real estate. The conclusion of a contract of sale is a prerequisite, for which you only need your passport and an advance payment of 5-10% of the total value of the property. The contract is drawn up in 3 identical copies for the buyer, for the seller and for our agency. It is concluded in several languages, Russian, Turkish, and English. Information about all three parties (buyer, seller and agency) is mandatory.

At this stage, our company Markalanya controls the entire process of signing the contract, compliance with the agreed conditions, compliance with all rules and laws. Additionally, we check that the object of the contract does not have any encumbrances. But even after that, our cooperation does not stop, You get a long-term after-sales service. Markalanya guarantees compliance with all rules and regulations, as this is our main task.

Registration of ownership

TAPU is a document that confirms the ownership of a specific person to a specific object, in this case, an apartment or a house. Registration is mandatory and usually takes 2 to 3 business days. The process of obtaining TAPU is simple and understandable to everyone. But it is impossible without a full settlement with the seller, and payment of taxes and duties. All monetary matters must be closed in advance. Construction company Markalanya helps to issue a TAPU and collect the necessary documents to obtain it.

Turkish tax number

You can get a Turkish individual tax number (TIN) from the Tax Office. This procedure does not require additional payment and usually takes a few minutes. An individual tax number (TIN) will also be needed in solving other issues in the future such as opening a bank account, obtaining a residence permit in Turkey and paying taxes.

If desired, TAPU can be issued by proxy.

The procedure for the purchase and registration of real estate can take place by proxy. This option is great if you are in a hurry with your return flight, or you have a busy schedule. It is compiled by a notary and translated by an official sworn translator at a notary. Based on the power of attorney, the employees of the construction company Markalanya will draw up all the necessary documents for you and receive the long-awaited TAPU, which will be stored in the company's safe, and we will hand it over to you personally as soon as possible. With such a power of attorney, we can deal with other issues, such as reissuing a registration certificate in your name, as well as utility bills. The cost of issuing such a power of attorney is 150 euros.

Obtaining a Certificate of Property Ownership (TAPU) takes place at the land registry office of Turkey in the presence of the buyer, seller and sworn translator. There are additional costs for obtaining such documents. The expert assessment of the cadastral value is 215 euros. Tax for the purchase of real estate - 4% of the title deed appraised value. Submission of documents and title deed fees - 120 euros. Translation services cost 500 TL. The term of such transfer, as a rule, varies from 2-3 days. Registration of real estate for a new owner is impossible without Iskan registration certificate, DASK insurance and registration of water and electricity. We can arrange all these items for you with a power of attorney.

The procedure for buying and registering real estate in Turkey requires many documents and papers, as in other countries. This allows you, above all, to be sure of your purchase and ownership. The presence and correct execution of all documents protects your rights.

Our construction company Markalanya has extensive experience and practical knowledge in this area, which we share with you. The realization of the dream of buying property in Turkey is in your hands, and we take care of all the routine and paperwork.

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