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To sell property in Türkiye, you can contact Markalanya, which has been covering real estate for several years. Markalanya's appreciable experience and knowledge of the market, will have a positive impact on clients decisions. Clients receive a whole range of services for the sale of apartments and houses. Regardless of the reasoning for the sale, Markalanya is aimed at selling our client's home on the best possible terms. To receive such a service, you just need to contact our employees by phone in Türkiye +7(499)3500110, +7(903)6709070 and +90(537)4401575 you could call on the official website. It is also possible to communicate through social networks (Facebook, Instagram), WhatsApp, Telegram and e-mail

After receiving the request, our staff will immediately cover your application. You will need to provide all information about the property. These data are necessary for the planning of a special questionnaire of the future listing on the market. To sell property in Türkiye, you will need the following information.

  1. Information about the complex in which the housing is located:
    • date of construction;
    • amenities features;
    • location;
    • service cost;
    • distance from the sea
  2. Separate information about the apartment :
    • number of rooms;
    • address;
    • square;
    • layout;
    • other additional information
  3. The presence of TAPU (certificate of ownership).

    Without the provision of TAPU, the sale is not possible.

Owner confirms the right to sell a real estate. You determine the cost of the house yourself, but if there are difficulties, and you need help, you can use the services of the specialists of our company Markalanya. Experts will help you evaluate an apartment or house at market value. You can view and analyze the conditions of similar offers in the same area.Today Markalanya offers variety of listings from resale properties to off-plan properties. When you read our catalogue, It will be clear to know how we operate with different alongside construction companies.

The construction and investment company Markalanya assists clients to invest wisely and profitably. With each season, the cost of apartments or houses changes depending on many factors, However many years of experience in this area can predict events to sell real estate on the most favorable terms. The task of the company is an individual approach to solving the problems of each client. We are ready to hear your suggestions and wishes.

Each client receives from us:

Do you want to sell property in Turkey? Construction investment company Markalanya is what you are looking for!

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