Luxury real estate in Turkey: the pros and cons of such a purchase

20 Oct 2022

Luxury real estate in Turkey is in great demand among foreign investors. Firstly, as a rule, it is foreigners who seek to demonstrate their status with real estate. Secondly, a luxurious villa on the coast in a warm country is the dream of every resident of regions with cold winters. One way or another, everyone dreams of VIP-class housing, so in this article we will tell you more about an expensive apartment or house in Turkey.

What applies to VIP housing in Turkey

It must be admitted that the concepts of “VIP” and “eliteness” were brought to Turkey by residents of European countries. Therefore, such a division in the Turkish Republic appeared only in the 21st century, when the borders became more open.

Today, the luxury housing market is actively developing and there are more and more offers. But each agency can have its own concept of eliteness - it is rare. Therefore, we first define what refers to VIP - housing in the general sense.

  1. Foreigners call almost all private houses villas. But villas are already an expensive version of a regular house. On the territory of an elite villa, various entertainment facilities can be located: swimming pools, sports grounds, tennis courts. As well as gardens and private access to the beach.

The status of the villa is strongly influenced by its location. Solitude, proximity to the sea and at the same time developed infrastructure make housing more expensive.

  1. A penthouse is an expensive apartment option. The status adds the location on the top floor and the area of ​​the apartment itself. Often one penthouse in area occupies the entire floor. In addition, such housing may have a special exit to the equipped roof of the building.

The status and cost of a penthouse also depends on the area in which it is located.

  1. Luxury apartments are apartments with a large area and location in an elite complex. As a rule, the infrastructure of luxury apartments is comparable to the hotel service. This may include spas, 24/7 security, etc. Some VIP complexes even include a free restaurant.

The cost of villas, penthouses and apartments largely depends on the complex. The more solid the complex, the higher the price. The fact is that developers are trying to build VIP housing in Turkey in residential complexes, additionally equipping it with infrastructure:

Such real estate naturally becomes much more expensive and solid. Therefore, it belongs to the elite real estate in Turkey.

Sale of luxury housing in Turkey. Price

We have already determined that the sale of luxury housing in Turkey is villas and penthouses. But how much should you expect? Many factors influence the price of real estate in Turkey:

Luxury real estate options

If you study the directory of luxury real estate in Turkey, you can find very different options.

  1. Villa with panoramic sea and mountain views. The area of ​​such housing is from 180 sq.m, 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Nearby are: a water park, a bar with a swimming pool, parking, a children's pool, a playground, a private beach, a fitness center, a hammam, a sauna, a massage room, sports grounds, etc. Fruit trees and beautiful fragrant flowers grow on the territory of the complex. The approximate cost is from 300,000.00 euros.
  2. Penthouse in a residential complex on the first coastline. Area - 190 sq. m, 4 rooms. The infrastructure includes free parking, sauna, Turkish hammam, cozy gazebos, cafes on the beach and near the pool; playground and playroom; Fitness Centre; round the clock security; sand beach; swimming pools for children and adults, etc. The cost of such luxury real estate in Alanya is from 225,000.00 euros.
  3. Six-room apartment in a luxury complex. The area of ​​the apartment is 220 sq.m. Equipped territory of the complex with developed infrastructure: swimming pools (for children and adults), massage parlor, hammam, sauna, barbecue area, playground, games room, tennis court, table tennis, other sports facilities, free parking, 24-hour security, fitness center, mini market, etc. Everything you need for a comfortable modern living. The approximate cost of the apartment is 380,000.00 euros.

Luxury real estate usually costs from 100,000.00 euros. But in this case, it is necessary to pay attention not to the price, but to the infrastructure and the year of construction. For example, the first option was put into operation in 2021, the second - in 2019, and the third - in 2014. It turns out that only modern technologies were used in the construction of the three options. It also ensures that the property is in good condition. There is no need for repairs.

Proximity to the sea also affects the price. The closer to the coast, the housing is considered more elite. For example, all three options are close enough to the beach. And somewhere even has its own pier.

Luxury housing in Alanya - pros and cons

Everyone dreams of luxury real estate in Alanya, but, like any real estate, it also has its pros and cons. Of course, when you see these amazing photos or live housing, you can’t even imagine its shortcomings. But they also exist.

Advantages of luxury real estate in Alanya

Naturally, the advantages of a luxury apartment or house are much greater than the disadvantages.


  1. Quality. In the construction of luxury real estate, developers use the most expensive equipment and materials. For example, granite flooring, modern technology and furniture - all this can be found in the expensive segment.
  2. Feeling of life. When every morning you watch a beautiful landscape from your window, you involuntarily feel like the “master of life”. What if quality service is added to this? It's like you're in a dream.
  3. Developed infrastructure. In the elite complex, all the necessary facilities are nearby: swimming pool, spa, playground, shop, etc.
  4. Safety. Luxury real estate is always under round-the-clock security. It is also equipped with video surveillance and fire protection systems.
  5. Close location to the sea and to the center. As a rule, luxury apartments are always located near the center and the sea.
  6. If you are the owner of expensive real estate in Turkey, your status in society involuntarily rises.
  7. The average cost of luxury real estate is 250,000.00 euros. If you buy an apartment or houses for $400,000.00, you can get Turkish citizenship under the simplified system right away. Such a rule is provided by law.


Cons of luxury housing in Alanya:

  1. Valuable. As we have already said, the minimum value of luxury real estate is 100,000.00 euros. But even this price is very difficult to meet on the market. Usually the price of a VIP apartment or house is on average from 250,000.00 euros.
  2. Taxes. The second minus comes from the first. The annual property tax in Turkey is approximately 0.6% of the cadastral value. It turns out that the more expensive the housing, the more money you give. At the same time, one should not forget about a one-time tax when buying an apartment or house - 4% of the cadastral value.
  3. Payment for service. The expensive residential complex has a very developed infrastructure and services. But for this, too, you have to pay annually or monthly. After all, the cost of living in Turkey depends on your needs. The amount for the maintenance of the territory in an elite complex (the so-called aydat) is on average 40 euros.
  4. The real cost of housing. It is not difficult to name an apartment or a luxury house. But is it worth the money? It is good that our clients are helped to understand this by specialists who carefully check and inspect everything. With us you can be sure of the elite housing.

Yes, a luxury apartment or house has its drawbacks. And they all come down to cost. But, as a rule, for many owners of VIP real estate in Alanya, these disadvantages are insignificant. They quietly cover their accounts. Moreover, given the list of advantages, it's worth it.


Conclusion on buying a luxury apartment or house in the province of Antalya, Turkey

Dreaming of a luxury home in Turkey? We understand your dream! After all, there really is something to dream about here: a beautiful view from the window, close proximity to the sea, developed infrastructure, landscaped territory and comfortable living. Therefore, our task is to help you with the purchase of your “dream home”.

How will we do it?

First, we will help you choose the best option.

Secondly, our lawyer will control the correct execution of the contract and other papers.

Thirdly, after the purchase, we will help you with the device in another country.


Luxury real estate in Turkey is the first step to a great journey.

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